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Your Comprehensive Sanitising & FOGGING Solution

At Boss Powerclean you can get a comprehensive sanitizing solution to drastically decrease infection rates at your home or business. Different techniques and the use of proven sanitizers and  fogging products, we can sanitize your entire business or focus on the high traffic/transfer areas giving you a cost effective solution.

With the current knowledge that the virus will be with us for some time to come, you can get weekly or monthly maintenance options with cost benefits.

  • Our qualified and trained staff are fully fitted with the required safety equipment and PPE
  • We Clean Indoor and Outdoor Surfaces
  • Superior ECO-FRIENDLY products and approved equipment

It is recommended that any public facility or office environment be sanitized at least twice a week in order to preserve a hygienic environment assist in the prevention of spreading disease.

When fogging, disinfecting or sanitising your premisses should always be done with a top quality solution. This is to ensure that all areas are reached and properly disinfected. At Boss Powerclean we achieve this every time.

We have the expert advice you require today. The products that we use deliver the sanitizing solution to all accessible surfaces. . The disinfection fogging and mist reaches surfaces where manual sanitation processes can’t go or reach, effectively killing 99.99% of all microbes that it comes in contact with.

Call Us: 021 439 5500


Fogging and Sanitisation Services Cape Town

We at Boss Powerclean in Cape Town focus on restricting cross infection in high-foot traffic zones such as schools, factories, storage facilities, gyms, retails stores, call centers and many more. We have actually been servicing various industries using an unique fogging application approach together with the latest in disinfectant solution.

Our disinfectant solution remains on untouched surface areas for up to 7 days, seeing to it that a safety barrier is established that remains intact even when dry. Utilizing our distinct fogging method in conjunction with our other products will ensure that entire room disinfection occurs each time.

Fogging and Sanitation Services available in: Cape Town | Southern Suburbs | Northern Suburbs | Somerset West | Bellville | Paarl | Wellington | Stellenbosch

How It Works


After we have spoken and got all the relevant information regarding your premises we will send you an estimate. If you are happy with the estimate we will discuss a suitable date for you.


We discuss and set a date and time which will be suitable for the fogging to take place. The fog is harmless to humans but in some cases it can cause a slight cough. Because of this we insist that you leave the premises for the duration of the treatment.


Our fogging specialists will arrive at your premises and begin preparation. Once they are ready to fog, they will ask you and your staff to please leave the area for the duration of the treatment. This is to ensure that there are no snags in the process and that the treatment is as effective as possible, killing all pathogens, viruses and bacteria on every surface it comes into contact with.